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General conditions

General conditions
Please present general conditions, which apply to the use of this site and all operations with APOX B.V., to read on. At placing an order, commissioning, that you confirm you our conditions read, understood and has accepted. Our supply to you takes place exclusively under the general conditions mentioned below. Of this derogatory written declarations which occur on letters or other documents judging by the purchaser, are not accepted by us. Deviations of our supply - and payment conditions are only with our written authorisation possible. Our offers and price its without engagement and not binding.

APOX B.V. is not  responsible for incorrect or incomplete information which mentions state on these Internet pages. There are from these data no derive rights. Of course the data with the largest possible need have been fixed.

Prices and supply the prices with which is advertised on this site, only apply to Internet orders. All named prices are inclusive VAT but exclusively freight costs.
Our offers apply to you up to 30 days after disclosure, as far as it has not been differently indicated. Minimum purchase is the packing entity. All named prices are subject to interim modifications and type false.

Supply and payment
Supply and payment the supply occurs finished Woerden. We bear the risk until the transfer to the carrier. Delivery periods must be fixed in writing. For delays in supply and performances because of supremacy and extraordinary events (strike, lock-out) we are not responsible.

Guarantee visible lacks must at the latest 8 days after supply, hid lacks at the latest until the end of the guarantee period (6 months) in writing to be communicated. At a swiftly communicated, correct complaint we look in case of material lacks after replacement, in case of repairing activities after improvement within a reasonable period.
Remaining progress has been excluded, unless they rely on grove failure and set-up of our side. The customer carries the costs of retour sending the alleged poor products. Correct for the compliance work a reasonable amount would not probably the reclamation appear to be then charged.

Property reservation
All goods remain our property to these have been entirely paid: you can goods process only then or sell as long as you are not in lack. The progress arisen from reselling transfers you as a customer to our certainty fully on us, we authorise you, revocable, to take collection measures on behalf of our invoice from your name. This covering
authorisation is revoked when you do not comply with your payment obligations. Inpandgevingen and property transfers to certainty have not been permitted. Taking back c.q seizure do not lay on with property reservation stocked goods by us means that we abandon the agreement - unless the law applies consumer credit.

We provide against payment in advance or cash at supply. Companies can pay on account after approval of our adminstratie. Bills and cheques are only accepted subject to payment, at complying with the payment obligation the customer damages is not chargeable and becomes all progress immediately claimable. At payment still due we have the right as from the concerning time immediately to interest because of too late payment off the official interest tariff of the bank for open account - charge credits. A substantial deterioration of your financial position occurs, then we have the right the whole remaining debt to require and moreover certainty desire.

To the right - and forum choice, nullity of components of the agreement on these general conditions and on all Right relations between you and us the right of the Dutch applies stands.

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